Diwntrodden Man - Russell Lindsay FBPE MPAGB EFIAP AWPF,
20th November 2023

A Good Photograph should stir an emotion/tell a story.
This statement is often given by judges or mentors to those learning the art of photography. It is certainly a statement that speaker Russell (Rusty) Lindsay seems to work by. Dorchester Camera Club was treated to a display of amazing images by this very imaginative photographer.

Rusty often works by capturing cameo moments as he goes about his day. It may be a brick wall, a poster, a person or sometimes an animal. If it piques his interest he captures the moment. He then later decides how he can incorporate these finds into an image, often by blending parts together, forming a composite picture. Rusty certainly has a style he uses but the theme of his works vary enormously which is where the story telling or emotion really becomes poignant. His work may make you wonder, laugh out loud or sometimes even cringe a bit.

On other occasions, Rusty thinks of the end image he wants to produce and seeks the elements that he requires to construct that look. He calls on work colleagues and friends and sometimes passers by to help create the look he needs. His image of a ‘Police dog’ is an example. The body of a policeman with the head of a cute dog and the fang teeth from his cat Steve. Another example he created was by asking a friend if he could use his home and family to depict, what was also a family joke; of a man doing all the house chores whilst the wife sprawls on a settee drinking coffee and reading a magazine. Hence the title ‘Downtrodden’.

A true photographer, Rusty exuded energy, enthusiasm, imagination and certainly talent. A thoroughly enjoyable evening not least because the speaker had the gift of storytelling not only in his images but also in the way he presented them.

- Carole Zimmerman