A Great Start to 2023 - Inter-Club Competitions, 9 Feb 2023

A Round up of Western Counties and National Inter-Club Competitions (Jan/Feb), 9 Feb 2023
WCPF Print Competition and DPIC - Exeter Corn Exchange, 5 February 2023

The 2023 WCPF Digitally Projected Inter-Club Competition (DPIC) saw a welcome return to the Exeter Corn Exchange after two years of enforced absence and remote presentations via Zoom. The day also saw the return of the WCPF Inter-Club Print Competition as part of a combined event.
It was a fine spring-like morning on 5 February 2023 as club members made their way to the Corn Exchange, and it was quite a contrast to the stormy Sunday in Exeter for the last live event in 2020. Competitions aside, we missed the socialising, the Fotospeed discounts and the raffle. It was good to be back!

This was the first time for a combined event with DPIC and the Print Competition, so the WCPF Organisers arranged to prejudge and score the images for presentation as a recorded sequence. This enabled every image from both competitions to be shown on the day. Although DPIC entries were slightly down on 2022, with 48 clubs and 864 digital images, the Print Competition more than made up for this with 30 clubs entering 450 prints. A grand total of 78 entries and 1314 images to be shown in one day.

Although the prints were shown to the audience as projected images, an exhibition of prints was arranged with every club represented. The first part of the exhibition was a careful selection of two prints from each club. At lunchtime these were replaced by the prints from the winning club, the runner up club and all the awards.

The Print Competition was up first and it was touch and go from the start, with Dorchester falling behind Bristol and Truro. By the halfway mark, Bristol were in a clear lead ahead of Dorchester and Truro who were level on points. Dorchester made up some of the difference by the end, but it was Bristol who finished first with a score of 187, then Dorchester in second place with 182, and Truro third on 176.

We should congratulate three members who were awarded Selector’s Ribbons - Helen Jones for “A Quantum of Solace”, Susan Buckland for “Female Reed Bunting”, and Tim Downton for “Glossy Ibis Tossing Grub”. Well done to Helen Jones who also received a Highly Commended for “Challenge and Defend”. Three more images received a 13: Stephen Lee’s "Red Fox Running Downhill", Stephen Jones’ “Race Leader” and Jane Lee’s “Blue Tit with Nesting Material”. Our final selection was for 15 prints from 8 different members - all scored strongly and contributed to the overall club success.

After lunch it was time for DPIC. It was quite a battle for the top two places. Dorchester started strongly and built up a commanding lead in the first half. In the second half, Bristol chipped away at our lead, but Dorchester emerged as winners overall with a score of 217, followed by Bristol in second place with 212, and Truro third on 207.

We should congratulate two members who were awarded Selector’s Ribbons - Carole Zimmerman for “Wave Beater”, and Jane Lee for “Catch Me If You Can”. Well done also to Tim Downton with “Glossy Ibis with Leech”, and Garry Prescott with “Corfe Castle Sunrise”, both of which scored 14 and were also in the running for an award. Two more images received a 13: Carole Zimmerman’s "Dominance" and Jane Lee’s “First Year Cubs, Svalbard”. Our final selection was for 18 images from 11 different members - all scored strongly and contributed to the overall club success.

The 2023 Print Competition and DPIC was an excellent competition in a new format and with superb images. The WCPF must be commended for running a highly enjoyable, competitive and well-organised competition. Thanks go to the WCPF DPIC team especially to Ralph Snook who spent many hours preparing the presentation sequences. A special thank you also to the three judges - Peter Gennard, Ann Sutcliffe and Graham Walton.
Our competition images can be seen in our DPIC Gallery and Print Competition Gallery
Full results and more images may be found on the WCPF Website

PAGB GB Cups (Digital)
Dorchester entered two national interclub competitions at the same time as DPIC. These are the PAGB GB Open Cup and GB Cup for Nature (both for digital images) and these were judged on 21 to 22 January.

We finished 12th (of 66 clubs) in the PAGB GB Open Cup - nearly matching our best ever ranking achieved last year. Our final selection was for 24 images from 17 different members. Congratulations to Stephen Lee, who scored 14 for “The Old Leaning Barn” and Val Brierley, who scored 13 for “On the Edge”. A special mention to those scoring 12 who were also accepted for the exhibition catalogue: Carole Zimmerman, Cheryl Connor, Di Tilsley, Jane Lee, Jane Tearle, Peter Yendell, Stephen Jones and Tim Downton.

We finished second (of 63 clubs) in the PAGB GB Cup for Nature – an excellent achievement and our best placing since 2015. Our final selection was for 24 images from 12 different members. Congratulations to six members with images scoring 13: Di Tilsley for “Whitethroat”, Jane Lee for “First Year Cubs, Svalbard”, Jenny Warr for “Marbled White on Clover”, Peter Yendell for “African Sacred Ibis Feeding”, Stephen Lee for “Red Fox on the Prowl” and Susan Buckland for “Female Reed Bunting”. A special mention also to those scoring 12 who were also accepted for the exhibition catalogue: Jane Lee (two images) Jenny Warr (three images), Spike Piddock, Susan Buckland (two images) and Tim Downton (three images).

PAGB Judges were Jane Lines, Paul Radden & John McVie.

All our images entered in this year’s PAGB GB Cup Competitions can be seen in the External Competitions galleries - GB Open Cup and GB Nature Cup