Chalk and Cheese
Lisa Rendall (The Rebel) and Malcolm MacNaughtan, Monday 29th April 24

This was another superb night from our own members with two very different approaches to their photography. Hence the Title ‘Chalk and Cheese’
Part 1 Lisa “Storytelling Through a Creative Eye “
Lisa started by telling us a little of her life that led to the nick-name ‘The Rebel’. From the world of Break-dancing where she won many awards thus met and choreographed for some very well known people and groups, ‘back in the day’, to more recently where she turned to photography.
By her own admission she does not mess about with settings but about enjoys being experimental with the camera and finding the effects that can be achieved both at the taking stage and afterwards. She does not use any Rules, takes thousands of pictures then processes those that appeal to her using favourite recipes in Affinity. Some will be in focus & some not.
In her favourite photographic haunts she know the best places for street photography, has the photographers ‘seeing-eye’ for characters and places, especially when found together. Lisa has an instinctive gift for finding what works and then processing in her own very distinctive style.
The results have earned accolades and awards from across the globe. It is no surprise that her diary is full of invitations to show her work and speak to clubs.

Part 2 Malcolm “Large Format Monochrome Prints “
Malcolm started the evening by telling us how the works of Ansel Adams and others have inspired him to try and ‘make’ note: not ‘take’, photographs in the same style. ie Perfection, in order to produce his Fine Art Prints
Every aspect is planned in fine detail, the location, light, timing etc. Each sheet of film is precious if they are not right on the day, the picture is not taken. The favourite landscape locations are found in Scotland but Wells Cathedral is also a very special place.
Malcolm introduced us to his hand built 5”x4” plate camera with it’s unique bellows. He uses a monorail on a tripod and can manipulate the camera to use as a Tilt Shift , see round corners and use both landscape and portrait formats with ease. There are no batteries or sd cards to worry about and the ‘f’ numbers give infinite depth of field. Malcolm is pleased if he gets 2 or 3 pictures from a day’s location shoot.
The Darkroom skills are such that he does with his hands is what most of us struggle to find within the myriad of Photoshop tools and still get nothing like the end results achieved using the Zone System made famous by Ansel Adams.
The quality of the Fine Art prints left us all mesmerised.

Lisa and Malcolm , Thankyou both for sharing We are proud to have you as club members.

- Penny Piddock